Redwood Custom Guitars

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Slack-key piece entitled Roselani Blossoms played on the Redwood and Walnut 00-Size Guitar in F-Wahine tuning (CFCGCE)

Arrangement of J.S. Bach's Jesu played on the Redwood and Wenge ukulele

Ukulele arrangement of Harrison's Here Comes the Sun played on a koa uke

Hawaiian Classic, E Ku'u Morning Dew, arranged by Keola Beamer, played on Indian Rosewood/Spruce OM cutaway

Roselani 00 example
Allen Cary (Allen Cary's Album)
Uke Jesu
Allen Cary (Allen Cary's Album)
Here Comes the Sun-Uke arr
Allen Cary (Allen Cary's Album)
E Ku'u Morning Dew RG
Allen Cary (Allen Cary's Album)